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Membership FAQs

What is a producer member?

Producer members are food entrepreneurs. The Co-op serves as an incubator to help producer members succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavours. We facilitate the rental of a commercial kitchen and provide business support for producer members.

What is a community member?

Community Members are residents of Waterloo Region who wish to support the work of the Co-op. Opportunities include cooking with producer members and receiving discounts on Co-op programs such as community dinners and cooking workshops.

How long does the membership process take?

After you apply, you should receive an email letting you know we received your application. You will be contacted by the Membership Committee for a conversation to allow you to ask us more questions and hear about opportunities for members. Applications are approved by the Board of Directors at our monthly meeting.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members have discounted and early access to workshops and events. During the pandemic, workshops and events have been paused, however, we have some volunteer opportunities related to food security projects.

What are the volunteer opportunities?

Members are invited to participate in several of our on-going projects. We have current volunteer needs with our food security projects.

Members may also serve on committees of the Co-op, including the Financial Committee and the Membership Committee.

Contact for more information on our volunteer opportunities.

How many volunteer hours are expected?

There are no mandated volunteer hours, though we welcome members to volunteer with our projects.

Are the fees by person or household? Do my partner and I each need a membership?

Community membership fees are paid per individual. This ensures that each community member has the right to vote at general meetings, serve on committees, or run for the Board of Directors. Because we operate with a pay-what-you-can model for community membership, partners who both wish to join can decide what fees meet their budget.

How can I make my membership payment?

We accept payment by e-transfer to

How long is my membership good for?

One year from the time you pay. We will send you a renewal notice!

If I want to stop my membership before the year is up, how do I do that?

Is there a refund on my fees?

Generally we do not offer refunds. However, please contact to discuss your individual circumstances with the Membership Officer.

Are there meetings to attend?

All members are welcome to attend any general meetings of the Co-op.

Some committees also meet regularly. Members are welcome to attend committee meetings as a guest or join committees.

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