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Plant-based eating

Why plant-based eating?

There are so many good reasons to consider going plant-based, or at least to bring more plant-based foods into your diet. With positive health benefits, better land use, preservation of ecosystems and much lower emissions contributing to climate change, plant-based eating truly is planet-based eating. By moving away from meat-heavy and dairy-heavy diets and going more plant-based, you can help 'take a bite out of climate change', reducing land degradation and land needed to produce food, allowing natural ecosystems to heal and helping to build more resilient food systems in the face of a changing climate.

On this page we hope you'll find some good inspirations, recipes and resources to help get you started on your own plant-based culinary journey. We also invite you to watch the two videos below, each exploring the benefits and joys of plant-based cooking and eating - while tempting your taste buds with some delightful recipes. 

Let's go plant-based!

'Cooking for Climate' Videos

You can also view these two videos on the CKCKW YouTube channel here

Making Pav Bhaji (Cooking for Climate, video 1 of 2)

Making Pav Bhaji (Cooking for Climate, video 1 of 2)

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Cooking for Climate Video 1 - Making Pav Bhaji!

The first of two videos exploring the joys of plant-based cooking and its links both to health and climate action, this introductory video shares some key points to think about and the steps to follow to make 'pav bhaji' (pronounced "pow bhaaji"), a delicious plant-based dish from northern India. You can download the recipe here