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How to join our Co-op

We are currently accepting Community Members!

  1. Complete the Community Membership application form.

  2. Once submitted, the Membership Committee will reach out to connect with you!

A cooperative relies on members for a variety of roles. Membership in a cooperative comes with certain benefits but also responsibilities. If you are new to cooperatives and would like to learn more about the model, you can find additional info here.

Preparing Dim Sum

Why co-ops?

One Step at a Time

At the Community Kitchen, we are committed to the co-operative model because it balances people, planet, and profit. It also allows us to respond to the unique needs of our community. The membership base of the Community Kitchen Co-operative also offers committed support for emerging food businesses while they establish themselves.

Community Member

For Individuals
We suggest $60/year

  1. Annual fee on a pay-what-you-can basis

  2. Discounted access to community events and cooking workshops

  3. Volunteer opportunities - e.g. cook in the kitchen, serve on our Board or committees

  4. Propose and receive funding for community food service projects from partners

  5. Financially contribute to food sustainability and security within
    Waterloo Region

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